The Experience and Expert Team You'll Benefit From

    Our team of national and international experts, who have accumulated years of experience and knowledge, will support you in the areas of quality and accreditation, strategic planning, project management and design in the healthcare system.

    As doctors, administrators and quality control specialists in medicine, they manage to achieve the most successful results in the field of medical consulting in our country and abroad.


    Support That Meets Your Specific Needs

    All of our recommendations and technical support are designed to meet the needs of each healthcare provider or individual practitioner. Our approach is always organized and efficient. Our support is evident from the very first steps, as we have established effective cooperation with our customers and partners.


    Consulting Services

    At Uptodate In Medicine LLC Consulting Services, our consultants strive to help healthcare organizations grow successfully, adapt to current and future needs, and overcome challenges. We depend on ownership and size to develop and implement the right strategies to achieve complex goals, including effectively transitioning to public health, advancing the understanding of personalized medicine, managing total care costs, rationalizing business structures, embracing the right technologies, and prioritizing processes and services. We help all types of health care facilities regardless.


    Conferences and Symposia

    Uptodate In Medicine LLC organizes various conferences, symposia, training and seminars in the field of medicine in Azerbaijan. The main purpose of organizing these events is to support continuous medical education of medical workers, increase their knowledge and skills, and create a platform for cooperation with colleagues in the country and abroad.


    Organization of Medical Conferences

    Uptodate In Medicine LLC offers extensive experience and expertise in the development of medical organizations in Azerbaijan and the South Caucasus, health management, planning and improvement of electronic health and medical services, modernization of medical education and training.


    Basic Life Support Course/First Aid - Basic Life Support (BLS).

    This course is intended for medical and non-medical workers and ordinary citizens. The purpose of the course is to teach first aid, respiratory protection and patency in cases of cardiac arrest, stroke and respiratory failure before the hospital, i.e. at home, on the street, in public places, as well as in a hospital or medical institution. The course teaches the basics of first aid for both adults and children and babies.

    For more information, you can link to https://ilkyardim.az/.


    Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) Course.

    The American Heart Association's Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support - ACLS training course includes BLS (Basic Life Support) skills as well as team-based initial resuscitation and intensive care.

    For more information, you can link to https://ilkyardim.az/.


    For Physicians, Intermediate Medical Staff, Medical Students and Resident Physicians:

    AHA, ACLS, BLS and PALS courses have a significant positive impact on improving the quality of medical care and clinical outcomes in hospitals, in addition to increasing the knowledge and skills of individual medical workers. Participation in these courses has a significant impact on the formation of a hospital's internal culture of emergency and emergency management and teamwork.

    For more information, you can link to https://ilkyardim.az/.


    Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS).

    This course is designed for medical professionals including physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and paramedics. In this course, students learn a systematic approach to pediatric patient assessment, PALS treatment algorithms, and effective cardiopulmonary resuscitation techniques for children, including pediatric pharmacology, pediatric ECG, and dysrhythmia management.

    For more information, you can link to https://ilkyardim.az/.


    AHA BLS Instructor Course:

    Individuals who wish to take a course in basic life support for others in medical and non-medical settings must successfully complete the Basic Life Support - AHA BLS Instructor Course. In the BLS Instructor Course, participants are taught the rules of conducting the course, in-depth knowledge and skills on cardiopulmonary resuscitation, administrative and organizational issues are explained, and the experience of conducting examinations and evaluations is instilled.

    For more information, you can link to https://ilkyardim.az/.


    Ensuring Readiness for Accreditation

    • Preparation of standards for each category and appointment of responsible persons for the implementation of the Improvement and Development Plan;
    • Conducting trainings for specialists responsible for each category;
    • Carrying out appropriate improvement works, internal documentation, procedures and other activities to be adjusted to standards;
    • Supervision and monitoring of the implementation of the Improvement and Development Plan;
    • Conducting trial accreditation;
    • Organization of Real Accreditation.


    Professional and Quality Translation

    Professional translation services offered by Uptodate In Medicine LLC, which has been working in the field of medical consulting and training in Azerbaijan for more than 5 years, stand out for their quality.

    More than 10 of our specialists working within the country, as well as in the USA, Russian Federation, Turkey, Germany and Great Britain, carry out high-quality professional translation of medical documents into Azerbaijani, English, Russian, German and Hebrew.

    Our company's internal quality control system allows you to ensure the translation of your documents at the best level and in accordance with international standards, including the rules of hospitals and medical societies of foreign countries.


    Editing Service

    Editing Service of Uptodate In Medicine LLC performs professional, high-quality and fast editing of materials written in English, Azerbaijani and Russian languages. Editing works are carried out by the carriers of the language working in the field of medical sciences.


    Medical Legal Services

    Our professional lawyers and experienced medical specialists are ready to assist you in solving all legal issues. In accordance with the legislation established by the relevant authorities of the Republic of Azerbaijan, individuals and legal entities, regardless of their ownership and organizational-legal form, in all healthcare institutions, departments and organizations operating in the territory of the Republic:

    ·     conducting clerical work, organizing personnel work, preparing contracts;

    ·     implementation of legal expertise of various documents;

    ·     providing advice on questions related to the norms regulating the rights and duties of employees and employers in the field of creating, changing, terminating labor relations and protecting the rights of the participants of these relations, etc.


    Quality is our goal

    We are committed to providing the best experience and best support to our customers and partners. We work together with the team of each medical institution to achieve accreditation and provide quality medical services. You can rely on us to earn US JCI, international ISO and other accreditation standards.


    MDTraining mobile app

    The main purpose of the MDTraining mobile app moderator add-on is to provide course and conference organizers with the registration of participants, check the registration of registered participants, and monitor the participation of participants who will receive DTT points.