Medical Translation Services is our business. That’s why leading medical education, training and healthcare organizations work with us. They know that Uptodate In Medicine LLC is one of the most reliable medical translation companies in Azerbaijan. When you order from Uptodate In Medicine, your medical translations are delivered on time, within budget and in full compliance with applicable regulatory requirements. All translations are certified and delivered with a translation certificate (Statement of Accuracy). We translate medical documents in 5 languages. This includes all the major Azerbaijani, English, Russian, Turkish, Deutsch, Hebrew and Georgian languages. We specialize in multiple language projects, sometimes translating a publication into 3, 4 or even 5 languages. Need an online price quote for translation of medical or clinical documents? Send us email at to get a price quote and get started today on your medical translation project. Expertise in Medical Translation Customers in the Healthcare industries can rely on our team of subject-matter experts for even the most complex medical translations. Our human resources include linguists with training in most branches of medicine, biochemistry, biotechnology, chemistry, pharmacology and toxicology. If you are looking for a reliable medical translation agency, contact us today by email or phone. We can provide quality medical translation of: Clinical protocols and guidelines Informed Consent Forms Clinical Study Agreements and contracts Patient Information booklets or leaflets Various medical forms Case Reports, Radiology reports Physician notes, Discharge summaries Study drug labels and drug inserts Instructions for Use for medical devices User Manuals for medical devices User Guides for medical software Medical applications for computers or tablets Medical textbooks Patient reports Test results Translation of website content for medical or healthcare organizations Medical journals and newsletters Scientific articles Training materials, handouts or presentations Certified Medical Translator Our quality management system has been created to ensure the best quality standards. We can provide translation certificates with each translation. We can also provide back translation and validation of various documents. Clinical Validation of Medical Documents If required by regulatory authorities, we can have your translated medical documents validated by our on-site Medical Doctors who are licensed in the Azerbaijan, Russian Federation, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Israel and Unites States. Some of our medical translators have advanced training in medicine, and most are indeed Medical Doctors themselves. Interpreter services We can also provide on-site live translations for your meetings, trainings, conferences and other gatherings. You can request a quote for consequent and simultaneous translations by contacting us via email or call us at 994-50-349-29-48. Alternatively, you can also visit our office to talk to sales representative in person. Manuscript translations We provide assistance to researchers who are not comfortable writing in English or would like to submit his/her manuscript to English language journal. Each manuscript is assigned to specialists to ensure accurately translated field-specific terms. When your paper is returned to you, it will be indistinguishable from papers written by researchers who are native English speakers. Basic Editing is also included to ensure the language in your manuscript is ready for submission. We are ready to help preparing a high-quality, publication ready manuscript.

Our team has vast local expertise and capacity to provide consulting services to doctors, medical institutions and lawyers on medical malpractice matters, insurance claims and legal paperwork related to running the health care organizations. Our service offering is to clients that require specialised MedicoLegal assistance across all medical specialities. We offer an efficient service that eliminates delays in finalising cases. Our true offering is readily available expertise that will provide you with reliable professional advice and guidance which our dedicated local and international Medical and Legal Specialists and Consultants.

At Uptodate İn Medicine LLC, we are committed to supporting medical societies and healthcare organizations, editors, authors and research communities in Azerbaijan and the region. Our publishing partners benefit from our collaborative and thoughtful approach to developing open access journals, as well our expert publishing services.

We enjoy building trusted partnerships with medical societies, professional associations and academic institutions as well as healthcare organizations throughout the region.


Medical and other scientific journals.

All our customers will get the customized peer-reviewed open-access (free or fee-based) electronic journal with all modern technical capabilities for e-submission, review, editing and e-publishing pre-installed.

In addition, our customers will benefit from the following services:

DOI®number. Each paper published in the journal will be assigned a DOI®number, which will appears in the published paper.

DOAJ registration. Each journal will be registered in the international reference register of open access scientific journals.

Abstracting/Indexing in (some for fee)CrossRef, CrossCheck, Cabell’s, Ulrich’s, Griffith Research Online, Google Scholar,, Informatics, HINARI, Universe Digital Library, Standard Periodical Directory, Gale, Open J-Gate, EBSCO, Journal Seek, DRJI, ProQuest, BASE, InfoBase Index, OCLC, IBSS, Academic Journal Databases, Scientific Index,


Some online magazines prepared by our team:

You are preparing a scientific paper or planning to publish article, book, medical forms and other documents in English, Russian or Azerbaijani, Uptodate in Medicine LLC’s Language Editing service is here to assist you throughout this process. Our skilled native English, Azerbaijani and Russian speakers in medicine and health sciences areas will edit your paper or any other type of document, with suggestions to improve vocabulary and style. This service would especially be useful for authors willing to publish their research paper, manuscript, abstract in local and international journals or online. With us you can be sure that your document’s language is clear and correct. The benefits of our service: High-quality specialists in your subject area Quick turnaround Different service levels available Clear pricing At Uptodate In Medicine LLC, we are confident that our services will improve the quality of your manuscript or book and increase your chances of publication. We will work with each author to ensure that he/she is completely satisfied with the end result. We will re-edit your document for free if the publisher rejects the manuscript or book due to the quality of the language. Please go to the private cabinet.

Healthcare industry in Azerbaijan and whole region is undergoing significant transformation and reforms which are currently driven by demands for greater transparency around the quality of care and cost of medical services, and by significant influences of consumers and insurance companies. Healthcare institutions, including state and private hospitals, ambulatory clinics, policlinics and laboratory services are under the pressing need to engage physicians and other medical professionals, build public health models, acquire and employ new medical and information technologies, and embrace new payment structures.

  • With the current speed and scale of transformation and reforms, how can health systems in Azerbaijan and region as whole and individual hospitals, physician groups and insurers truly advance and be at forefront of this process?

At Uptodate In Medicine’s Consulting Services, our consultants are committed to helping healthcare organizations successfully evolve and adapt to current and forthcoming needs and overcome the challenges. We help develop and implement the right strategies to accomplish complex goals, including effectively transitioning to public health, developing personalized medicine approach, managing the total costs of care, rationalizing business structures, embracing the right technologies and prioritizing the processes and services.

Having worked with the majority of leading healthcare organizations, our team of experts and consultants have the proven ability to identify and solve strategic, organizational and operational challenges so our clients can develop and deliver exceptional patient care and best healthcare experience. Our deep insight into the problems, challenges and opportunities in the healthcare market in Azerbaijan, can best guide our clients to select the right strategic options to ensure continuous and remarkable leadership in the field.


Our unique services:

"Uptodate in Medicine" company offers extensive experience and expertise in the development of medical organizations in Azerbaijan and the South Caucasus, health management, planning and improvement of electronic health and medical services, modernization of medical education and training.

   The company offers a wide range of services to small and large, public and private medical institutions, private practitioners and patients to achieve clinical, financial and operational goals. From Clinical Management and Performance Improvement to Patient Engagement and Increasing Access to Medical Services, as well as Revenue Consolidation, the company's national and international experts are ready to share with you how to be more successful.

Accreditation support services

Accreditation front assessment of hospital preparedness
Considering that accreditation is both expensive and requires the mobilization of a large number of technical and human resources, hospitals are advised to first seek answers to the following questions: 

1. In what time frame is accreditation reasonable?
2. How high is the probability of passing accreditation?
3. Are there sufficient material, technical and human resources available for the changes required to successfully pass accreditation?
It is of particular importance that these questions are answered, or rather thought over them. Thus, a significant amount of material resources is required for accreditation. These funds are required both for the accreditation itself and are essential for carrying out the innovations, changes and improvements required to be ready for accreditation.

In addition to saving material resources, before starting the accreditation process, it is necessary to calculate the volume and cost of work required for the change, innovation and transformation in general to be carried out. 

Accreditation front assessment of the current status of the hospital on the basis of accreditation standards and the preparation and Development Plan and budget of the hospital for accreditation as a result of this assessment should be the first step. 


Accreditation Process Support Program. 

A medical institution (hospital, Polyclinic, Medical Center, etc.) conducting an assessment of its current state should include: 

 Assessment of the situation on the main 10 parameters: 

Methodology: interviews, review of documents, observation of the activities of the employees of the medical institution, filling out a special questionnaire

management of medical institution, 
orientation of patients, 
clinical practice and care process, 
nosocomial infections, 
transfusiology and blood bank, 
management of various economic entities of a medical institution, 
fire protection, etc. security activities
safety of the use of drugs, 
documentation and archiving, 
surgical and other invasive procedures and anesthesia. Evaluation of the activities of Obstetrics and gynecology, Pediatrics|Neonatology and surgical departments and outpatient outpatient department: 
investigation of electronic or paper clinical disease histories (based on random selection).  
verification of the completeness of clinical documents, quality and completeness of Information, Assessment of processes in making clinical decisions.
assessment of patients ' experience in a medical institution:

Ensuring readiness for accreditation

Development of standards for each category and appointment of responsible persons for the implementation of the improvement and Development Plan
Training for Responsible specialists in each category
Implementation of relevant improvement works, internal documentation, procedures and other activities in line with standards
Supervision and monitoring of the implementation of the development and Development Plan 
Testing accreditation 
Organization of Real accreditation.

Setting up work with patients

Our company coordinate clinics, doctors and patients for better care, better business.

Over the past 20 years, patient satisfaction surveys have proved to be of great importance and benefit. There are no more medical institutions in the West that do not study the opinions and comments, suggestions and recommendations of patients and use them to improve the functioning of hospitals and polyclinics.

How do you?
Do you want to find out the opinions, comments and suggestions of patients who have used the services of your hospital or clinic?
As a professional medical survey company, we are ready to assist you in this important task.

Analysis of the activities of the medical institution, drawing up a development plan

Evaluation and analysis of management (management) 
Analysis of all processes occurring before, during communication and after the patient's examination by a medical institution or medical worker, identification of shortcomings, investigation of strengths and weaknesses, detection of factors affecting whether the patient is satisfied are only a small possibilities of the proposed methodology. 

Our specialists can help you to properly conduct all types of documentation on your activities, develop and apply successful procedural rules for managing complex cases. 

During the evaluation and management analysis, the following three components are given special importance: the patient's medical history, the type of examination and the decision-making process leading to the diagnosis. Proper paperwork saves time, increases the effectiveness of the examination and treatment process, and this also has a positive effect on the accurate and timely registration of expenses and payments, and the preparation of financial documents. 

Our experts can teach your doctors and paramedics how to properly document, accurately record diagnoses and examinations, and cover critical components. 


Strategic planning
What awaits your individual medical activity or medical institution in the future? In terms of income, sustainability is of particular importance. However, in order to maintain profitability, the needs of medical workers and patients served by them must be determined and met. Establishing cooperation with private and state insurance companies, improving and increasing the effectiveness of the management system, ensuring cost control are the absolute strategic goals of prosperous medical activities. 

In order to advance your individual medical activity or the medical institution headed by you, it is necessary to know their weaknesses and strengths, advantages over competitors, the level of satisfaction of patients, as well as take into account other significant factors. The cost of procedures and operations, the costs of hospital services, the composition of the target patient groups served, cographic criteria, etc. factors such as these should become an integral part of the strategic development plan. Our specialists can help you identify and eliminate factors and processes that hinder the development of your clinic or prevent your income from growing, and make you lag behind in comparison with your competitors.


Comprehensive analysis of medical activities.
As an individual acting doctor, head of a medical institution or owner of a clinic, it is of particular importance to determine at what level it is managed, its profitability, effectiveness. Detailed, comprehensive information on the current situation is required in order to set short and long-term goals and make appropriate right decisions. 

As a result of our extensive analysis, you will be given recommendations that will increase your activity to a higher level, reduce costs and increase patient appeals. Our recommendations may include improving overall management processes, adding additional invasive or surgical procedures, and increasing prices for some procedures. The analysis may also include points of lowering service prices, which are higher compared to competitors and/or cause patient dissatisfaction. 

In all cases, the analysis we have carried out and the reports and recommendations we have prepared will serve to improve your performance and increase your income.

Transformation and change management services

Clinical transformation and change management is of particular importance in modern times in improving the activities of medical institutions and doctors with individual practice, improving operational activities, strengthening financial management. 

The development of compulsory and private health insurance services, the introduction of payment schemes for activities, poor quality results negatively affect the functioning of a medical institution, and variability in the application of medical care standards and duplication of services undermine financial effectiveness. 

And the way out is to improve the existing clinical and operational model, not to be afraid to make appropriate important changes and, of course, to introduce measures that improve the quality of Service and reduce costs, the widespread use of evidence-based approaches.

Support for the implementation of clinical guidelines and protocols

In modern times, it is impossible to imagine the activities of Doctors Without a system of supporting medical decisions. The use of new clinical protocols in medical practice is one of the most important ways of applying evidence-based medicine in Azerbaijan, and medical evidence-based clinical protocols are methodological recommendations for practicing doctors. 

Clinical protocols and guidelines are based on scientific subjects and the best standards are calculated at the present time. Relying on these instructions, medical institutions and doctors establishing their activities provide patients with the opportunity to receive high-level medical care. 

Experienced specialists of UiM Medical Consulting can assist in the development and implementation of clinical algorithms and protocols developed and adapted on the basis of international and national guidelines for each medical institution. Stroke Center, coronary vessel disease Center, bariatric surgery center, etc. you can entrust the application of algorithms and protocols adapted for specialized centers and hospital departments to our experienced team. 

Our team can also set up procedures for developing and updating clinical algorithms and protocols in the hospital. Through a special clinical protocols Commission, each hospital can regularly review protocols and algorithms currently in use, update or replace them as new evidence is produced.

Digital (Electronic) Healthcare

In modern times, health organizations do not imagine their activities without electronic resources. Electronic medical cards, artificial intelligence, tele-medicine, cyber-security or other technologies are already being introduced to some extent in a number of private and public medical institutions or serious steps are being taken in this direction.  

Electronic or Digital Healthcare brings fundamental changes with a significant impact on the transformation of medical institutions, improving patient work, and building quality services. 

The use of electronic resources and digital technologies in the Azerbaijani healthcare system is growing rapidly. Soon after, the widespread use of electronic technologies will make them an integral part of the daily lives of patients and medical personnel. 

Medical institutions will provide "patient-targeted" and "personalized medical care" services by relying on the internet and other digital technologies. However, the use of digital or electronic technologies not only provides effective and comfortable medical services, but also increases the responsibility of medical institutions. Patient safety and data protection issues are more prominent in the digital healthcare age. 

As UiM medical consulting company, we are ready to assist every medical institution in the creation and implementation of appropriate digital healthcare technologies and electronic resources. We are pleased to be a reliable and experienced partner of medical institutions in taking full advantage of digital technologies and e-health services, while having extensive experience in this field and knowing all the subtleties of the Azerbaijani health system. 

We suggest taking advantage of the following:
Creation and implementation of electronic sick cards
Setting up hospital intelligent information systems
Patient-specific data protection systems
Application of Tele-health and tele-medicine modules
Organization of Internet-based medical consultations 
Electronic decision-making system in treatment and diagnostics, etc.

Scientific Research Support Center

By establishing the scientific research support center, our company intends to support doctors, pharmacists, radiologists, biologists and other medical specialists in scientific research and research that will stimulate the development of medical science and expand the possibilities of examination and treatment of patients. 

The unique center operating under our company was ready to provide support in the following areas: 

Planning, organizing and conducting clinical or fundamental Research
Drawing up a clinical research protocol, conducting a review of the literature and forming an idea
Collection of data on patients with target group, involvement of patients, formation of cohort in cohort studies
Ensuring quality control in conducting research, Risk Management, Organization of paperwork
Resolution of legal issues related to research, protection of patient rights, archiving of information
Conducting medical statistical analysis and preparing reports
Organization of GCP / GVP and other certified courses 
Publication of research results
and so on. services

Training course on proper clinical practice (DKT) 
The training course on GCP or correct clinical practice (DKT), which was first organized by UiM medical consulting company in Azerbaijan, is considered for researchers, medical and non-medical workers, students, graduate students and doctoral students participating in or conducting all types of clinical studies involving drugs, medical devices and human subjects.

The course will be organized 2 times a year. Accredited and certified, meeting international standards and national legislation as a whole, the 1-day course is conducted by experienced clinical researchers in groups of 20 people using interactive methods.

Mobile applications (e-applications)

It is impossible to imagine modern medicine without specialized medical equipment. This equipment helps to diagnose diseases of patients and identify the stages of development of diseases. In recent years, people have begun to use mobile phones and other personal technological devices more widely in the field of Health Protection and disease diagnostics. The popularity of mobile healthcare technologies and medical mobile applications is growing year by year. Users choose Mobile add-ons and download them to their mobile phones, tablets and even computers and use them in everyday life. These mobile supplements provide ample opportunities for monitoring blood pressure and heart accents, diagnosing arrhythmias, interpreting cardiograms, X-rays and CT/MRI images. Recently, mobile applications have also been used for consultations of doctors. 

Medical mobile applications differ in the target audience, scope, subject and level of patient-specific data protection, the ability to transfer data to a hospital or doctor, and other parameters. Regardless of the mobile application to be used, the safety of the user and his data must be seriously considered. 

For this reason, as a company with extensive experience in creating mobile medical applications and platforms in the country, UiM Medical Consulting has the ability to create mobile applications according to the needs and wishes of any medical institution, every doctor and paramedic, and every patient. All created mobile applications pay special attention and attention to the confidentiality and security of the user and his / her data. The mobile applications we have created can also be aimed at effective management of medical institutions, increasing the efficiency of doctors ' activities and protecting the health of patients.

Conferences and symposiums

UiM medical consulting company organizes various conferences, symposiums, trainings and seminars in the field of Medicine in Azerbaijan. The main goal of organizing these events is to support the continuing medical education of medical workers, improve their knowledge and skills, and create a platform for cooperation with colleagues at home and abroad. 

Get a link to the education section to familiarize yourself with the courses and conferences we organize, as well as other educational events. In that section, you can learn about the courses and conferences that are currently active, register for them and even make the payment if they are paid. 

In addition to organizing professional medical training events, our company can be a partner in preparing lectures and presentations that you will make at various conferences and symposiums held abroad and in the country, translating and editing them


In modern times, the daily increasing workload and, in general, the rapid life saves very little time for the reading and personal training of medical workers. Even if free or paid international and local conferences and trainings are very useful and important, many medical professionals cannot always take advantage of these events. 

With the development of"e-trainings", UiM Medical Consulting Company intends to contribute to improving the professional knowledge and skills of doctors and paramedics. Our company is active in creating accredited electronic medical courses in various specialties. In addition, we can create e-courses (e-trainings) adapted to the needs of the doctors of each medical institution and support their implementation.  

Each course is developed relying on clinical guidelines from hundreds of leading medical journals and medical societies, followed by a scientific medical editorial staff of experienced professionals. Each article, each recommendation is evidence-based and reconciled with clinical experience.

Journal publication

Do you want to publish a scientific, scientific-practical or scientific-mass Journal in the field of Medical Sciences? Do you want to create an internet blog or electronic newsletter of the medical institution where you work?

UpToDate in Medicine LLC's Journal Publishing Service is ready to help you with this.

You can send us your questions and orders regarding the publication of the medical journal by e-mail or by filling out the form below. After receiving your letter, our representative will contact you.


Evidence-based medicine

The main goal of the reforms and changes in the health care system of most countries of the world in modern times is to improve the quality of medical care. The diversification of medical science, the deepening of medical knowledge, the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry, the introduction of new methods of treatment and medicines, the emergence of new knowledge about traditional methods of treatment and medicines in use and the development of new modern technologies, the wide scope of e-health and medical services not only increase the responsibility of 

Quality medical care involves making thoughtful decisions and taking appropriate steps related to treatment and diagnostics, relying on the latest achievements of medical science. However, the introduction of any innovations that have not been fully studied and proven is unacceptable and carries a danger. At the same time, it is unacceptable to apply approaches, diagnostic examinations and treatment measures that have been used in the past, but have not been confirmed, and even proven to be harmful in many cases. They pose a serious threat to the lives of patients. 

In the modern world, the science of Medicine has developed to such an extent, and so much information and knowledge has accumulated that a doctor does not fully understand how he acts in conditions of that huge flow of information. Researchlat shows that in modern times, a family doctor or therapist should read at least 19 new scientific articles every day. But time constraints and increased patient load make this work impossible. This is a situation not only in Azerbaijan, but also in the field of Health on a global scale. 

The UiM medical consulting company offers a number of useful mechanisms, taking into account the importance of improving the knowledge and skills of doctors and other medical personnel, keeping abreast of innovations and conveniently introducing innovations in practical activities. 

 You can also take advantage of these opportunities:

Training course for medical professionals on evidence-based medical practice

Concentration of the latest innovations of medical science in accordance with specialties and delivery to users

Continuing medical education opportunities to discuss and teach the latest approaches to the examination and treatment of various diseases

Preparation and presentation of clinical protocols and guidelines of leading medical scientific societies in Azerbaijani language in whole and concise form

Support for the creation of medical clubs or associations by specialties

and so on.

Medical Translation

Professional and quality translation

Professional translation services offered by UPTODATEINMEDICINE LLC, which has been working in the field of medical advice and training in Azerbaijan for more than 5 years, are distinguished by their quality.

More than 10 of our specialists working throughout the country, as well as in the USA, Russian Federation, Turkey, Germany and Great Britain, carry out high-quality professional translation of medical documents into Azerbaijani, English, Russian, German and Hebrew.

The internal quality control system of our company allows you to provide translation of your documents at the best level and in accordance with international standards, including the rules of hospitals and medical societies of foreign countries.

Our company provides a quick and high-quality translation of your medical documents

Translation of medical documents for patients, hospitals, doctors and pharmaceutical companies.

Translation services for patients in English, Russian, Azerbaijani and German (live or via telephone).

Clinical guidelines, methodological manuals, protocols, disease histories, epicrisis, etc. compilation, translation and editing of documents in accordance with the requirements and regulations of the USA, Turkey, Germany, the Russian Federation.

Preparation, editing and translation of medical legal documents.

Translation of medical books, dissertations, monographs and scientific articles.

Translation in live or internet-based consultations with specialists from foreign countries.

Practice In Medical Translation

Our company has extensive experience in the written and oral translation of the easiest and most complex documents and medical materials. Our professional and experienced specialists in clinical medicine, biochemistry, biotechnology, public health, Pharmacology, Toxicology and other fields provide translation of your documents to the highest quality standards.

If you want to work with a company that is reliable, experienced and keeps the interests of the client above, contact the medical translation services of UPTODATEINMEDICINE LLC.

We provide the translation of the following documents:

Clinical protocols, guidelines, methodical AIDS, Clinical Guidelines

Information materials intended for patients (booklet, poster, liflet, brochure, etc.)

Tender documents in the field of medical services

Information on medical websites

Instruction brochures for medical equipment and devices

Medical history, epicrisis, medical statistical forms, records of doctors-consultants, medical reports, etc.

Vaccination and immunization passport

Instructions for the use of drugs

Medical scientific journals, articles, scientific books

Reports, internal bulletins, etc.of medical companies or medical organizations.

Documents on laboratory analyzes

Simulation-based teaching

Why simulation-based teaching

Simulations provide a wide range of opportunities for medical personnel, including doctors, medical students and residents, and secondary medical personnel to acquire significant practical skills and skills. Through simulations built on the basis of clinical cases encountered in Real life, medical workers study concepts more deeply, master the execution of procedures more age. 

In medical activities, sometimes clinical decisions must be made very quickly, and making the right decisions relies precisely on knowledge and practical experience. 

By participating in simulations in a safe, controlled environment of the simulation center, medical personnel gain experience and acquire appropriate skills. 

In our simulation-based trainings, using mannequins and special computer simulations, we successfully teach the management of clinical cases that real-life medical personnel will encounter. 

Combining theory with interactive, practical, game-like simulations contributes to the improvement of knowledge and skills of medical personnel, and as a result, the quality of care provided by medical institutions increases, patient satisfaction increases and clinical outcomes improve. 

 Simulation-based exercises we offer:

Advanced Life Support (cardiopulmonary revitalization) course

Basic Life Support Course 

Pediatric Advanced Life Support Course

Neonatal Intensive Care Course

Advanced Life Support Course In Obstetric Complications

Heart failure management course

Postoperative care course 

Course of intravenous injections and infusions

Central vein catheterization course

A course of urgent and emergency medical procedures

and so on.

Welcome to the virtual space of the Baku Medical Concierge service!

On guard of your health!

Baku Medical Concierge service is a medical advisory and referral service consisting of professional and experienced national and foreign experts.

Our doctors-specialists and doctors-coordinators, along with you in the care process, protect you or your loved one suffering from the disease from medical errors, ensure that diagnosis and treatment is carried out correctly and in accordance with the most modern US and European standards.

By choosing us, you get:
Access to medical services of the highest quality and meeting modern standards of the USA and Europe 7 days a week, 24 hours a day every day.
To take advantage of the most advanced opportunities of Preventive Medicine.
Benefiting from up-to-date diagnostic and treatment facilities tailored to your individual needs and targeted to the best clinical outcomes.
Baku Medical Concierge service is a center that includes professional and experienced family doctors, doctors and medical personnel and provides you with the highest level of medical services.

Our medical team works like a family! Our specialists, who share your health concerns, operate primarily on the principles of humanity, compassion and care.

Regardless of your illness or health condition, we provide you with access to the best quality medical professionals and the best hospitals, helping you to quickly reunite with your family by being by your side during the entire diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation process.

At the heart of our individual medical services is humanity, compassion, care and high-quality service!

Our services are based on an individual approach. All our services are tailored to the individual needs of you or your patient, in a professional and caring setting.

Unlike traditional polyclinics, our doctors-specialists are more experienced and provide services to a limited number of patients. Using the services of our company, you have access to our professional and experienced specialists 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Our doctor-specialist who will take care of you will always accompany you both in your health condition and during your illness. When you are hospitalized, preparing for surgery or major surgery, when you are discharged after an illness or surgery, our doctors will coordinate your care, help you choose the best hospital, the best and most experienced doctor, help you adjust your medication intake and work with you to restore your health in a short time.

 Preventive medicine.
You may have chronic illnesses (high blood pressure, a stroke or heart attack that has been suffered, diabetes, kidney disease, mental illness, etc.).) entrust us with continuous follow-up and treatment, and the provision of your medical care in accordance with the medical guidelines of the leading countries of the United States and Europe.

Do you have relatives in your generation who have had or died from diabetes, colon cancer, kidney disease, hypertension, heart attack, stroke and other serious illnesses?

Entrust us with assessing your risk of developing these diseases and drawing up an individual preventive examination and treatment program.


Urgent and urgent medical care.
In case of urgent or urgent serious medical problem, serious acute illness or exacerbation of chronic illness, which requires a doctor's examination and treatment without delay, our specialists provide you with first aid as soon as possible, help you to identify the best medical institution (hospital) and the best team of doctors for your diagnosis and treatment.

Defending your interests, our specialists monitor all diagnostic and treatment measures, correct surgical interventions, check whether interventions are necessary, ensure that the appointments comply with the latest guidelines of the leading countries of the United States and Europe.


Healthy long-lived life.
To help you live a healthy and long life, our experts provide you with personalized medical advice tailored to your needs and risks. You can entrust us with timely preventive examinations, vaccination and immunization, medical prevention measures before and after the trip.

Alternative opinion and opinion
Are you not satisfied with the diagnosis, treatment carried out or services provided by other doctors or clinics?
Our doctors, having studied your medical history, are ready to give you independent opinions and recommendations.
If desired, additional feedback and recommendations from our international doctors-specialists can be provided to you. We can even help you establish a live connection with international experts.
We are confident that once you apply for an alternative opinion or opinion, you will entrust us with your continued medical care and the accompaniment of your treatment.

Referral service
Depending on your illness, our doctors-coordinators will guide you to the best doctors and hospitals in the country or abroad and will accompany you throughout the entire diagnosis and treatment process.
Our independence and neutrality ensure the best doctor or hospital choice for you.